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Monee Police Chief John Cipkar Earns 2012 Ralph Fehland Award
July 19, 2012 - Monee Police Chief John Cipkar's dedication to serving others earns the 2012 Ralph Fehland Award from the Chamber of Commerce
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Bandalan Doce Pares Hawaii Presents Eskrima Grandmaster Seminar in Hawaii
October 23, 2011 - Kailua, Kona Hawaii and Sunday, October 24, 2011 - Honolulu, Hawaii

Master Chavez's being presented his 7th Degree in Bandalan Doce ParesMaster Chavez's being presented his 7th Degree in Bandalan Doce Pares
November 11, 2009
Unfortunately, Grandmaster Bandalan was unable to attend so the honor of presenting the certificate fell upon Master Antonio and Delfina Lucero.

Bandalan Doce Pares Hawaii - Kids' Self-Defense Class Promotion
By: Jay Reponte - August 1, 2009
Bandalan Doce Pares Hawaii (BDPH) held it's first promotion celebration for it's newly formed kids' self-defense class.
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FMAdigest Vol6 No3

Grandmaster Bandalan featured in FMAdigest Vol6 No3 (Download)
July - September 2009

Bandalan Doce Pares Hawaii - Filipino Fiesta Demo
By: Jay Reponte - May 9, 2009
Bandalan Doce Pares Hawaii (BDPH) demonstrated their skills at the annual Filipino Fiesta held at Kapiolani Park in Waikiki on island of Oahu.
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The passing of Mrs. Canete (Grandmaster Diony's Wife)
By: Antonio Lucero - April 1, 2009
Mrs. Vincenta Ong Canete passed away on April 1, 2009
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Chinatown Demonstration
By: Ray Cruz - January 31, 2009
Chinatown Demonstration
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Competitions: Bandalan Doce Pares Hawaii Competes in 1st Samohan Tournament
By: Ray Cruz - September 16, 2008
Hawaii Escrima Tournament
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School Challenge
By: Antonio Lucero - September 14, 2008
White Tiger Clan Vs Warriors of Visayas (Bandalan Doce Pares)
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10th WEKAF World Championships and 2nd Doce Pares Open World Championships
By: Ray Cruz - August 23, 2008
Bandalan Doce Pares Hawaii Goes to Cebu
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Grandmaster Goes Global!
By: Angenette Aukee - June 5, 2008
Grandmaster Bandalan to appear on Filipino television show
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Bandalan Doce Pares Demo Hawaii
By: Ray Cruz - May 28, 2008
Bandalan Doce Pares Hawaii at Filipino Fiest
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